CFOs: This One’s For You

CFOs, we meet again. We’ve worked alongside you and gained an in-depth understanding of your daily grind within the charity sector, with small businesses, and at the financial helm of social enterprises. 

Managing an organisation’s finances - and therefore planning, risk-mitigating, and record-keeping - is not always a picnic, and is not a job in which the level of tech you are relying on just makes some difference: it makes all the difference. 

We know cost, security, and inter-team working is top of mind for you. So let’s cut to the chase and let you know how we can not only improve all of these aspects - we can ease all of the stresses affiliated with them and get you back on the bandwagon - onto a better bandwagon. The Tesla of bandwagons, if you will. 

We’ve all had a year full of bumps in the road, and quite frankly, we don’t need any more - least of all at work. So let us, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, show you something unprecedented you can actually get excited about. 

Let’s start with the teamwork side of things. If there’s one thing charities, SMEs, and social enterprises have in common, it’s relying on untrained volunteers and staff to manage files, often stored in cloud platforms that are expensive and allow limited user access. 

Cost and ineffectiveness go hand-in-hand, but you stick with your current storage platform because it seems like the only option, and it’s a popular one, despite its downsides. Because it’s what people know.

The storage platforms we’ve all long been familiar with, such as Dropbox, offer what seems to be initially a good deal - an extra 5 pounds per user - what’s so bad about that? As a CFO, it might seem worth it to have that extra pair of hands… only it’s never just a pair. And with ten, twenty, fifty, or a hundred users at an extra 5 pounds per user, you are actively pouring money down the drain.

So now, here is something new to know: we give you unlimited admins. 

So what does this mean for you? This means that we simultaneously store your documents under military-strength encryption and keep communication between your device and our server safe, so that only the right people get to the right files. And who decides who the right people are? You do. 

For as little as £9.99 per month (with no credit card details required for a free first month), you get to share with as many admins as you’d like for no extra cost (ever), and have the power to give full or limited access to others - be it to your entire library or a specific collection - with the ability to upload, download, update and delete.

From users to editors, we give you the option to work more efficiently with your team, without seeing an impact on your wallet. 

We know tech is the solution to your issues, and we also know finances take up, well, all of your time. So let go of budget worries and invest your time into what matters. We’re here to make everything as intuitive, transparent, safe and easy as possible - so that your job can feel the same. 

GoodCloud is the first Cloud storage platform specifically developed to help charities and social enterprises thrive. Click here to see how and try for 30 days for free!


Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Jun 4, 2021