Crush Your Goals This Year With Cloud Storage Designed For You

New Year, New Cloud Storage Platform? 

As we wrap up the first month of 2022, like many others, we are waving goodbye to the things that don’t serve us.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last two years, it’s that time and money are easily spent - and once both have been expended in increasing amounts, we find ourselves searching for what they bought us at all. 

If there’s another thing we’ve learned, it’s that charities - particularly when times are tough - just don’t have the means, hours, or energy to learn to navigate expensive and complicated cloud storage platforms that only do 50% of the promised job - all while increasing fees per user.  

Following over thirty years of experience in the world of good causes, we have seen first-hand what doesn’t work and only what sort of works. Cloud storage platforms that have become the norm are doing the bare minimum - and aren’t designed with the charity sector in mind. In light of this, we present to you a cloud storage platform where:

  1. Your first month is free and requires zero credit card details, meaning you can leave at any point - or stay later on, to the benefit of you and your charity for for just 9.99 per month

  2. Navigating files isn’t complicated - our intuitive interface makes finding any photo, document, video or audio file easy and quick

  3. Our prices will never catch you off-guard throughout your use: our benefits are available to all regardless of how much cloud storage you choose 

  4. You can access your files from anywhere at anytime

  5. Our security is military-encrypted, meaning you can navigate with ease while knowing your files are protected

  6. 25% of our profits go to your very industry: by paying a small price for a platform designed to help you achieve your goals, you are sending a quarter of that to charities across the UK

GoodCloud is the first Cloud storage platform specifically developed to help charities and social enterprises thrive. Click here to see how and try for 30 days for free!


Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Jan 31, 2022