From The User’s Point of View

You’ve heard our side of the story: what inspired us, after decades of experience in the charity sector, to break free of platforms that were hindering our potential and that of our industry. 

But what do others have to say about the platform? Especially post-pandemic, our team has observed charities and social enterprises coming to realise to what extent tech makes a difference in their near and far future. We’ve told you how GoodCloud saves money, saves hassle - and above all, how it saves time. When you have a small budget next to a huge list of priorities, you want to ensure the platforms that your charity is relying on are easy to navigate, safe, and transparent. 

So if our month-long free trial (with no payment details required) hasn’t convinced you to sign up yet, have a listen to what some people have to say.

“GoodCloud has set its sights on disrupting the file sync and share market by making the technology far more accessible for charities and their volunteers,” affirms Caroline Donnelly, UK Senior Editor of Computer Weekly. “Charities are – understandably – cost-conscious, meaning the more expensive, enterprise-level cloud storage services are typically off-limits to them, while the usability and functionality offered by freebie online storage offerings typically falls short. And for a sector that is reportedly worth £90bn a year in the UK alone, that is just not good enough.”

Andrew Blank, a new user to the platform, attributes his commitment to the platform not only to the affordability and ease of collaboration, but its usability. “The message is simple, the site is bright, colourful, clear…” he says. “As a first time user, GoodCloud is incredibly easy to navigate. You know what you’re able to do immediately.” 

Straightforwardness is key, and we apply this not only to our purpose, but to everything that GoodCloud entails: cost details, security details, and navigation.

“Charities and small businesses deserve more than expensive platforms, and platforms that pretend to offer ‘special rates’ for charities on services that are cut-down solutions and don’t do the job properly,” Startups Magazine states in a piece following a conversation with GoodCloud on why users should break free from Dropbox and other familiar - yet mediocre at best - storage platforms. 

Indeed, GoodCloud was created for the purpose of giving charities and social enterprises the tools they need to navigate projects and every day tasks with the ease of a big company, without breaking the bank or paying for extra admins. 

“[The charity and SME sectors] require the tools to compete with larger fish in ways that currently inhibit them to,” states ITProPortal. So why isn’t this solution being offered by major storage providers, such as Dropbox, Swivle, and Thirdlight? There is an undeniable need for this open dialogue throughout the industry.”

And we’re here to start it, with you. Click here for a free first month of easy navigation and collaboration. You can also read more about us on the Good Blog.


Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Oct 22, 2021