We appreciate the time and money it takes to get things right. We also know from past experience, and from people we work with, that even when excess time and money is put in, the result we wanted - and felt we deserved - is not always there. This is where GoodCloud comes in. 

We have created a platform where you are the boss, without the pains of paying too much for platforms like Dropbox, researching apps with vague missions, risking your security and feeling that you have no control over file permanency with platforms like iCloud, and managing (let alone finding) files across devices and platforms.

Whether you are storing content to share across wide audiences, personal or professional social platforms, with family or with colleagues, GoodCloud puts no limit on logins or administrators for you, your team, or your cohort. Your files are safely stored, whilst being instantly available to your entire team - and whether one, ten, or all collections are available is entirely at your discretion.

For content creators who use images en masse, we know that having enough storage  is non-negotiable. We also know that time is precious. That’s why we have specifically designed GoodCloud with you in mind, allowing you to quickly bulk-upload (or single-file upload) images, videos, audio and other documents, whenever and wherever you are, be it from your mobile phone, your laptop, or your desktop computer. 

So your file was on your computer, but now you’re out with just your phone and really need to access that photo. You find yourself in front of a scene where grabbing your camera is almost instinctual, and when you unlock your phone, boom - no storage. We’re here to eliminate those scenarios, forever. 

Whether you typically work alone, with from time-to-time partnerships, or as part of a team, you can easily assign others to manage or co-manage your library or a given collection pertaining to a collaboration, event, or special-edition product. 

Our pet hates - (and we suspect you might share one or two) - include having files available on one device and not the other, having our phone’s lifespan dramatically shortened due to an overwhelming accumulation of photos, searching and trawling for ages just to find one picture - oh, and unsecure wifi compromising security throughout these mind-numbing processes.

So, not only are you saving money by signing up for GoodCloud, but you are also lengthening your phone and computer’s life - and therefore saving massively - by reducing the strain of too many files that affect performance. With a clutter-free phone and laptop with newfound space, there is no limit to what you store in GoodCloud - from archives to ready-to-use compelling content. 

With GoodCloud, all of your files - from photos, videos, documents, and audio files - are in one place, and seriously easy to find. 

Have your content available at any time - with uncompromised military strength that will keep your files more protected than any other competitor.

Oh, and fun fact - GoodCloud’s signature white-on-black website is directly inspired from photo editing software!

“I have worked extensively with photo editing software which has, for decades, proven the efficacy of dark themes. GoodCloud is designed to help its users get the most from their library, so it was only natural that our default theme be dark. Dark backgrounds are easier on the eye, and make colours pop so your images look their best. Recent display technologies also benefit from a dark theme. Of course, dark is not the best option in every circumstance, which is why we also offer a light theme so you can get the product you need, when you need it most!”

Jason Ellis, Founder & CTO

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published May 4, 2021