Good for All

Once upon a time, when we’d had just about enough of expensive, complicated, and below-average tech hindering our performance and the success of those around us, we put our foot down. 

We wanted to create a product that spoke to different professionals and individuals, each in varying but equally important ways. A cloud storage platform that would ultimately benefit all users and help them achieve their goals. So we did. 

Navigating files doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be unaffordable, and certainly shouldn’t create more - or any - stress. It should be the exact opposite, and with GoodCloud, it is. 

We created a platform that doesn’t discriminate and that benefits all. And depending on your role, there is a different and emphasized beauty to it.

If you’re a CFO, that’s your record-keeping, financial planning, and risk-mitigating made instantly easier with our military-encrypted security and our transparent prices that will never catch you off guard down the line.

If you’re a content creator, a photographer, writer, or videographer - stop wasting time trawling through files, spending ages looking for that one image, or being out with your phone only to realise the file you wanted is on your laptop. With us, upload and download wherever you are, and say a forever goodbye to scenarios of No More Storage notifications and sifting through your library until your eyes go square - only to realise the file you were looking for is on another device anyways.

Charities: hi! We’re as sick and tired as you are by seeing cost and ineffectiveness coexist so naturally, and of having your goals quashed by expensive platforms like Dropbox that charge per user - which to us is just roadblock #1 to successfully working as a team. Why, why do you put up with it? We did once, because there was no alternative, and now we are telling you - you don’t have to! 

Here are some reasons to shake your current shackles and jump on board. For as little as £9.99 monthly (with no credit card details required for a free first month), you get to share with as many admins as you’d like for no extra cost. That means, whether you are an individual or a team of five, fifty, or five hundred, you have the power to give full or limited access to others - be it to your entire library or a specific collection - with the ability to upload, download, update and delete.

Tech is the solution. It may not always seem like it, because for the longest time, tech has been the problem. And when what should be making life easy is making it hard, we step in with transparency, safety, ease, and an intuitive platform to get you back on track without the headaches. 

For teams and individuals alike, we want to do Good For All. (On that note, did you know that 25% of all our profits go to charities and good causes in the UK?) We’ll never stop helping out, 1) because we know what it’s like and 2) there’s just something about seeing a platform thrive in tandem with it’s users. Call us emotional - we call it logical.

GoodCloud is the first Cloud storage platform specifically developed to help charities and social enterprises thrive. Click here to see how and try for 30 days for free!


Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Jun 11, 2021