GoodCloud vs. Mainstream Cloud Storage

Following decades of frustration from using below-average tech that was simultaneously expensive and difficult to navigate, the idea to create GoodCloud came about, and its implementation came shortly after.

Our founders spent years identifying problems and solutions from the simple realisations that navigating files shouldn’t be time-consuming, storage platforms should be making file-finding and working as a team easier rather than more difficult (and more expensive), and you shouldn’t have to choose between efficiency and security.

But perhaps more importantly than the problems and solutions now is our place within the world of cloud storage - and within the greater world of tech. What makes us different? Why should you quit Dropbox or Thirdlight? Why take a new chance? (For starters, you get a month’s free trial with no payment details required). 

When we realised that internationally-renowned cloud storage providers weren’t stepping up and using their platforms with charities and small businesses in mind, we realised - as the little guys - that we had to do something for the little guys too. Not to mention, should you little guys become big guys over the years, we’ll be there for you, always helping you increase your potential. Because our platform is meant to grow with you or your organisation, and the best part is, you only pay for the storage. 

So whether you are an individual, a team of five, or a team of five hundred, the benefits are the same, and are performance-changing to say the least. Are they life-changing? Well: imagine the room in your budget, now that you know you can give anyone access to your subscription free of charge. Take that trip and know that if you need to find a file, whether you are in the city’s center or in the middle of nowhere, you can access it on any device, at any time. 

We stand apart from the mainstream not only because of our unique features - unlimited users included - but because every single moment of building this platform was and continues to be done with charities and small organisations in mind. 

We are putting a stop to these sectors from feeling like they need tech that works and can’t fully understand the platforms they currently use. We know now more than ever that tech can solve these problems, and are turning limited, expensive, complicated and socially unaware solutions upside down through a platform that has you in mind, and will throughout your journey. 

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Jul 16, 2021