As many of us have seen, things have started to pick up throughout the summer, and GoodCloud has been delighted to be featured across multiple publications whose platforms align with our product for different reasons, but all fall under the realm of Tech For Good. From speaking out as industry thought leaders to sharing our goals - for our business, for the individuals and organisations we serve, and for the tech world alike - we have pulled together highlights from press coverage over the last few months that echo what we do and why we do it. 


Small providers have the benefit of firsthand experience when it comes to understanding what it means to be a small business, and acknowledging the importance of how tech can make the biggest difference when it comes to operating successfully. Charities and small businesses deserve more than expensive platforms, and platforms that pretend to offer 'special rates' for charities on services that are cut-down solutions and don’t do the job properly. 

Startups Magazine


Charities are – understandably – cost-conscious, meaning the more expensive, enterprise-level cloud storage services are typically off-limits to them, while the usability and functionality offered by freebie online storage offerings typically falls short. And for a sector that is reportedly worth £90bn a year in the UK alone, that is just not good enough.

Computer Weekly


The charity and SME sectors can only evolve if they are in a position to overcome challenges that have arisen with the pandemic, and require the tools to compete with larger fish in ways that currently inhibit them to. So why isn't this solution being offered by major storage providers, such as Dropbox, Swivle, and Thirdlight? There is an undeniable need for this open dialogue throughout the industry.



“Tech for Good” shouldn’t just be a buzzword that providers use to show the masses they are trying to make a positive impact on the world. They need to have the solutions on offer to back this up. My past experience working in the charity sector means I understand how charities and SMEs are often scared off by big companies and corporate speak that is not always digestible. Tech providers need to put their money where their mouth is and offer the information and guidance needed, along with affordable services.

Tech For Good


We are the first cloud storage service that provides all-inclusive perks such as file rewind, time-controlled access, plus unlimited users and admins makes GoodCloud significantly less expensive than its competitors such as Dropbox and Thirdlight. GoodCloud provides an alternative to ineffective solutions through its visually attractive, easy-to-use service, allowing users to manage and share essential marketing and business-related assets without trawling through layers of directories. 

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GoodCloud, the world’s first cloud storage platform aimed at Charities, Social Enterprises and SMEs, will set aside up to 25% of its net profits each year for charitable purposes. As part of their new grant-making arm, The GoodCloud Foundation will distribute funding and see that the grants make it to UK-based charities that have a clear and measurable benefit to local communities.

Charity Today


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Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Aug 2, 2021