No one puts Fundraisers in the corner!

Soap box time everybody so buckle up for a quick rant! Have you ever been in an organisation that treats its fundraising team like the cash machine in the corner? The attitude is that the fundraisers will get the money, no matter what the plan they are like an ATM that you just punch the right numbers and out pops the cash?

Of course this is while thinking that they are the ones who seem to have all the fun, get paid well for it and of course don’t really care?

Well if you have then you know what we are talking about. An organisation that under values the input of its fundraising team and treats them as an add on is not going far fast. It will in the long run loose good people and just as importantly future income.

Fundraising is fundamental to an organisation, not an extension built as an afterthought. The income generators should be at the heart of the overall team and respected as equal colleagues, not better, just equal. Every fundraiser is working just as hard as those in the hands on roles to move the service forward. They might not wear rubber gloves or be out in front of a teaching session but they are using their professional experience to make good happen 

Fundraising should be at the core of any new development within a charity, consulted on the very idea of expansion and asked if funds might be available, not just bang 10% on the departments target for next year as a reward for doing so well this year! Fundraising feasability is as important as getting the right blue prints for a building extension or designing a new customer facing service. Sometimes you just cant find funds?

Unless fundraising and fundraisers are represented and listened to at every level then there will be division between teams. Working together is hard but brings the better and more beneficial rewards long term.

So Fundraisers, step out of the corner and in to the light, proud, professional and with purpose.

Rant Over.....

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Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Nov 24, 2020