Read our 10 Top Tips for Charities on How to Save Money

Growing steadily while cash is tight may seem like a challenge, but following our own experience of starting a business with very little, we know what steps to follow in order to reach your goals - without it being at your own financial expense. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of pounds to start a successful charity or social enterprise. In fact, over 80% of new charities that successfully reach - and often exceed - their goals start out with as little as  £10,000!

Our FREE guide 10 Top Tips For Charities On How To Save Money is out now, and will talk you through the key steps to take in order to save while growing. 

We guarantee more than one or two of our tips will be a game changer for you. And if not, enjoy an extra month of free access to GoodCloud, complete with unlimited admins, on top of your initial free trial, on us. We’re here for you and your organisation. 

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Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Nov 25, 2021