For all content creators or social media people reading this, we know to what extent your work never sleeps. We also know that when you’re not designing, writing, or taking photos, you are editing, storing, retrieving, sharing, connecting, and more. And as with all busy people - we know that your time is money. 

In a world where you can be your own boss, you need the materials that pave your path to be ones that make your life easier and drive success - not the other way round. We know how much you rely on having those materials at hand, and we know that having enough storage - along with the ability to share and dip in and out of your libraries at any time- is essential to say the least. 

When we first designed GoodCloud, we knew that in order for it to positively productivity, it had to benefit everyone regardless of their role. From CFOs, to content creators, to assistants, to managers, to influencers, we want you to use your time as productively as possible, and that’s why we created this platform with you in mind, allowing you to bulk or single-file upload documents, images, videos, audio files and more, from any device or location, with the ability to share them with an unlimited amount of people (and to control their editing abilities) free of charge. 

We know how hard you work - from our own experiences and those around us - and we came to a quick realization that spending excess time and money on globally-recognised platforms that still don’t do the job wasn’t cutting it for us.

With GoodCloud, you are the boss, and no matter how much or little storage you are signing up for, you get all of the benefits. We don’t have any vague missions, and your files lie in your hands and in your hands only. (Or in the hands of an individual or team of your choice. It’s up to you). 

There’s nothing worse than wanting to take action, and then struggling to find your file on a given device, trawling through images, or trying to capture a moment only to see you are out of storage. So whether you are in the middle of the desert with a mobile phone or on a desktop computer in a public space, access those files from anywhere and anytime - without compromising security.

The best part? You get a month-long trial for free - without even needing to provide your credit card details. It’s on us, and up to you if you want to stay. (Though we have a feeling you just might). The best part, part II? You pay for storage, and storage only. Our benefits are for everyone, at every level. 

We put no limit on logins or administrators, we make working alone and as a team equally easy, keeping all of your files in one easy-to-find yet military encryption-secured place. 

Don’t let your materials own you - own them. So take a breath and regain control of your files, for a first free month, by clicking here.

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Oct 4, 2021