The £750 million yellow rubber raincoat fundraiser

When Russell Marriott was told he would never make a fundraiser wearing a ‘stylish’ yellow rubber raincoat he just ignored them and went on to raise over £750 million for Charities across the U.K. ‘It’s not what you wear, but what you do and who you know’ said the Founder of Influence and Affluence, now one of the top fundraising consultancies in the country.

But why stop there? It’s not enough to have made a major impact on projects from accessible transport through to mental health and the arts! Russell’s new mission is to transform the world of data storage and document sharing for the third sector. As Co-founder of GoodCloud Russell is now offering charities across the U.K. the opportunity to store, manage and share their documents on a new and innovative platform which will maximise their productivity whilst minimising costs.  

‘The world has changed since I first began fundraising’ says Russell ‘back then it was pens, type writers and filing cabinets, now Digital and Cloud is a crucial cornerstone of every charities operation, but an expensive one to run and manage’. GoodCloud brings an important answer to the thousands of charities who struggle to find effective, secure and user friendly ways of holding and using their documents, data and images. With the ability to be shared across wide based teams, volunteers and accessible on tablets, phones and desk top GoodCloud means that organisations can unlock the power of their data at a fraction of the cost of other services. 

‘Now more than ever organisations and teams need to be connected, but in a way that is easy for everyone to use not just the I.T Department or the computer geek to access’ continues Russell, ‘I’ve met so many great people in the charity world who think that good data use, images and sharing are the preserve of big budgets and long hours of training! GoodCloud allows everyone to unlock their digital potential for Good’. 

There are many clouds on the horizon right now but perhaps Russell was at the forefront of fashion with his yellow raincoat and was forecasting a GoodCloud to come? 

GoodCloud is the first Cloud storage platform specifically developed to help charities and social enterprises thrive. Click here to see how and try for 30 days for free! 

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Oct 15, 2020