GoodCloud has recently been featured as an industry thought leader in publications focused on startups and tech, and has emphasized the importance of big tech leaders stepping up - now more than ever. From speaking out in Startups Magazine, ITProPortal, Digital Bulletin, Tech for Good, Computer Weekly, Top Business Tech in the last few months, we have made our principle aim clear, which is setting an example to other tech leaders whose products have the power to change how a given organisation functions for good.

And what better way to set an example than through the story and features of our very own product? GoodCloud has the unique quality of only defining the success of our product if it is aligned with the success of its users (and in turn, the success of their relevant industries - namely charities and SMEs). The GoodCloud storage platform has been designed so that user and provider successes are always intertwined. 

The founders of GoodCloud recognised a need within charities (their former long-time sector) and small organisations to have compatible platforms whose purpose is to enhance their performance, particularly as the opposite is currently occurring. GoodCloud provides this product in a way so that it operates at no one’s expense.

With GoodCloud, everyone wins: charities and small organisations/businesses are provided with a product that gets them back onto an inexpensive, organised, secure and hassle-free track, and on top of this, a quarter of the small amount they pay is directly given back to their very own sector through the GoodCloud Foundation. 

GoodCloud doesn’t believe in cut-down solutions: users should access all benefits regardless of how much storage they are using. Paying for GoodCloud means paying for the storage solely - the benefits will always be there and for all. 

Inclusivity - and not at a price - is a key pillar of GoodCloud, and this is where their unique unlimited admins feature comes in. An additional unique aspect of GoodCloud is it’s able to be inclusive without ever compromising security. You could be sharing files from an old Smartphone on the side of the road - with 1, 10 or 100 people - without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands. At GoodCloud, the users make the decisions - who can access what and where. 

Tech providers have the power to govern the successes of their users, and using this power for good is of paramount importance, and something GoodCloud is spreading the word about.

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published Jul 6, 2021