What Cloud Storage For Good Really Means

If you’re not already familiar with us, the elements that make GoodCloud stand out from all other storage platforms include unlimited admins (for as little as £9.99 per month with no credit card details required for sign-up), zero hassle, and military-encryption level security - and that’s just to name a few. 

That being said, we like the Good in GoodCloud to hold meaning beyond user benefits. In fact, when co-founders Russell Marriott and Jason Ellis established GoodCloud, a driving idea behind launching the platform was to not only provide charities, small businesses and social enterprises with the cheapest, easiest to use, and most secure option, but to give back to our very users in the most literal sense. 

GoodCloud is the first ever cloud storage platform for good causes, that helps good causes. With a predominant percentage of our audience made up of charities, we made it our mission to contribute a quarter of our profits to good causes and Charities across the UK. Ultimately, by letting us care for you, you are in turn caring for others. 

We want you to feel good about your subscription in every sense of the word. As a team with decades of experience within the charity sector - and consequently, decades of frustrations at seeing our potential hindered by spending too much on platforms that did too little for us - we created GoodCloud for you to get ahead, without the overbearing stresses of cost, lack of security, and having files in the wrong places or in the wrong hands. 

We know that for charities, income and donations are primarily driven through marketing. GoodCloud therefore allows you to affordably and effectively store and share your content across unlimited devices, with unlimited people, and distributes 25% of its revenue as grants through our GoodCloud Foundation.

Last - but most certainly not least - we want to hear from you. The GoodCloud Foundation will therefore be holding a number of Good Future Days across the UK: seminars that bring together organisation representatives to discuss grant-making within the third sector. The days will not only be an excellent networking opportunity, but an occasion to work towards molding future grand programmes alongside members of our very community. With our users always in mind, we are here for where and when you need us the most. 

You can read more about the Good Cloud Foundation here

GoodCloud is the first Cloud storage platform specifically developed to help charities and social enterprises thrive. You can register here for your free monthly trial. (PS: No credit card required). 

Written by the GoodCloud Team. Published May 14, 2021